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I like eggs!!

Hey everybody Fred here. I am from the Musical theater/Tech Week. Few people knew me as Chloe so I mostly went by Fred. I had like the greatest time at camp and yah!! I don't know what else to put I just love all of you!! The world is quiet.
With all do respect,
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Im trying to remember
yeah same...
were you tech or MT?

I had long reddish hair
and was loud and in cabin 7...the names asia.
I was in Musical Theater. I was tall and had black hair.
Hi I happen to remember you.
I'm obligated to remember you seeing as we were in the same group.
I'm Morgan incase you didn't know.
Wow that made like no sense to me can we say smaller words? I'm not that smart. Morgan I know you and YOU KNOW IT!! Sorry lots and lots of JELLO!!