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i don't know how alive this community is...but this is holly with the hair from week four this year.

(truly madly deeply has been on repeat on iTunes since last night.)
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Heya peeps

Just wondering who here will be going to which weeks? I know I'm going to week 4, with everyone I know. Awwwww did you guys hear that Mark Lewis isn't gonna be at weeks 3 and 4? *tear* Oh well...hopefully next year, eh?

Love and Bravo hugs to all!

~Hypnotic/Hurricane Hannah
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I like eggs!!

Hey everybody Fred here. I am from the Musical theater/Tech Week. Few people knew me as Chloe so I mostly went by Fred. I had like the greatest time at camp and yah!! I don't know what else to put I just love all of you!! The world is quiet.
With all do respect,
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Hey guys! It's Hannah, green group and cabin seven, week 3. So I just joined and wanted to say "hi" to everybody, and to say that I miss Bravo like craaaaazy, but who doesnt?

Hurricane Hannah
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Hey everyone!! SkylEr from week 3 2003-2004. It sucks being home and i think bravo sessions should be longer. I really miss everyone there. And the enya walk made me realize how close you become with people that u barely talk to. I know it makes no sense. But there was this girl in my elective, and we never like talked, but during the enya walked we hugged and we both started balling, and we had like a 15 minute hug. And i had never really spoken to her. It was a great thing. Lol anyways i miss camp and if any of u are from week three 03/04 add me!!!!!!!!!!